Monday, 28 April 2008

James Blunt

It seems I missed an opportunity this evening. The above mentioned was busking in the subway at Wellington Railway Station. Sadly for me, I was made aware of this event after the fact and I am gutted to have missed it.
After all, opportunities to throw rotting vegetable matter at useless, self-indulgent, pathetic whingers, seldom crop up, do they?

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Gerhard said...

You are not alone! I do have some appreciation for his songwriting abilities, but very glad that he fell a generation too late to become a Bee Gee...

There exist a number of groups for us on Facebook, all of which I am a member of: 'I want to stab James Blunt', 'People Against the Ethical Treatment of James Blunt', 'I hate James Blunt', 'Send James Blunt into space', 'Lets see if I can find 100,000 people who hate James Blunt!!!', 'I would like to dropkick James Blunt in the face', 'Campaign to send James Blunt back to the army', 'James Blunt's a whiney little bitch', 'I've Been Aurally Violated By James Blunt', etc, etc.