Friday, 25 April 2008


I think Facebook is making me paranoid about my levels of sophistication. My Facebook friends all have superior tastes, it seems. I am not, in general, anxious about my ability to discriminate, and certainly wasn’t before the Facebook phenomenon. I am also not the sort of person that sits around in 3-day-old knickers with the index finger of my hand up my nose… BUT I do feel slightly persecuted that I cannot admit to having enjoyed Bravo Two Zero. Which is the sort of thing I would admit to friends in the pub and I might even get a few approving nods (depending on the company) but dare not plaster on my precious profile. Similarly, while other Facebookers enjoy Jim Jarmusch films, my feeling is that Rambo III was a bloody sight more entertaining than anything he has had a hand in.
One of two possible conclusions can be drawn. Either, the paranoia is real and I am a dolt with the intellectual capacity of a retarded slug or these people are pretentious wankers.

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